Sunday, February 01, 2015

Year and A Half

After almost year and half of abandoning my long forgotten sweet escape, I am finally back.
For sure.
Well, not really.

Anyways, hello!
I'm not sure what brought me back here. I was just randomly looking at my old pages on the internet and voila! I stumbled upon my old blog where I used to blab over almost everything—random thoughts, exchange year, love life (can't remember if I had one) and other experiences.

But hey, a year and half is a long time, right? Thank goodness I didn't lose my account 'cause I'm pretty sure it's proven that I have a short memory for passwords.
Now that I'm here I'm gonna do a makeover for my blog because, damn, it's hideous! I mean, I can't believe I put my own close up picture as a background! It's like people had enough of my meaningless blabbing and then they also have to bear with such a background? What a narcissistic bitch!

And.... what the fuck is wrong with Blogger!! It won't change my god damn background picture. It says there's an 'internal error'. Well sir, I'm sorry but I don't see how that's my problem. Ugh.
Whatever. I'll just go with the default background for now and figure things out later.

Now bloggy, we are going to do some catch up.
A year and a half. That means, I finished my exchange year in Belgium and I've graduated high school. Yep. I am now a mature adult living in da real lyfe. *snorts* yeah ya think?
I'm just an ordinary university student majoring in Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding Engineering in Surabaya. An hour by plane from Jakarta. Before I left high school, it always occurred to me how fun it would be to be away from home. Well, it's not that bad. I kind of enjoy being away even though I don't really have issues at home. It's just that I felt like I was breaking free on the day I left Jakarta for college.

No, I'm not gonna sing Break free from Ariana Grande. Get over it.

Enough of that. I went to Saudi Arabia last Christmas break. My family and I went there to do the Umrah. We visited Nabawi mosque in Madinah which was beautiful and then Masjidil Haram in Mecca.

Quba Mosque

Quba Mosque

Floating Mosque on the Red Sea, and a random photobomber.

The only thing I disapprove in Arab is that most people there are inpatient. I mean, we all are aware that there are thousands or maybe millions of people wanting to pray inside the Nabawi Mosque or near the Ka'bah, but that is no reason for you to cut lines or being disrespectful to other people who are doing their prayer. One time I was waiting in line like a normal person with etiquette does and then I got pushed by an old woman who just can't control her patience and I almost fell over! I'm not being dramatic. My mom said I was being too cynical and everyone is just being enthusiastic because being able to do Umrah is like a miracle sent from above.

Well no shit, Sherlock!
I'm not the most diligent Muslim you'll ever meet but even I know that you should respect others at all time especially in God's home, or so it's called.

Regardless the things above and that my mom thinks I learned nothing from it, I still think the journey was quite pleasant.

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