Saturday, April 20, 2013

Anderlecht vs Lokeren

Being abandoned is one of the worst feeling ever, and I assume you know how it feels 'cause I haven't posted anything since last March.
I was quite busy the last couple of days, not that I suddenly turned into a social butterfly, I'm just trying my best to enjoy every minute of the rest of my stay. I have a lot to share but I'd rather do it one by one.

Last Tuesday, my host dad surprised me with a ticket to a football match between Anderlecht and Lokeren on Wednesday, April the 17th.
Excited? Totally. I love football match but never been to one 'cause it's always a riot with hooligans back in Indonesia, so watching at home or in a cafĂ© is always a better option. I'm not a fan of RSCA but my host dad and his friend sure are. Although they didn't really wear any RSCA's jersey and merchandise, I could somehow see that they are devoted supporters.
There were already bunch of fans in purple walking down the road when we arrived in Anderlecht at around 7 pm.

What is life without a drama? Especially mine?
On that day, I was being me, and 'me' was being clumsy as hell.
My host dad handed me my ticket before we left the car and I was probably too excited that I lost it on our way to the stadium.
Yes people, I lost it, it was gone, with the wind.
Here's the chronology:
I put the ticket in the back pocket of my jeans. It was quite a tight jeans and I didn't have a bag with me so I thought it wouldn't go anywhere.
Certainly it didn't go anywhere, duh, I probably dropped it somewhere and someone picked it up, sold it or even used it.
My host dad told me that RSCA's tickets are always sold out so I felt terribly bad I couldn't cry. What is even more stupid is that the thought of the chance of losing the ticket has crossed my mind when I was about to put it in my pocket. And I did it anyway, great job.
For me, sorry wasn't enough, it was really generous of my host dad to even treat me to a football match.
If I were him, I'd be pissed and... I don't know, report my clumsy behaviour to AFS and send me back home. He didn't, I guess he tried his best to stay calm 'cause I sure was freaking out.
I cursed myself and couldn't stop hitting my own stupid head but of course it didn't do me any good, while my very optimistic host dad tried to solve the problem.
We talked to the security about everything and suddenly colorful rainbow appeared. I received another ticket from the help center and voila! problem solved.
It's definitely a miracle 'cause this wouldn't work for a ticket to Justin Bieber's concert or anything similar to it. I was just very glad that I didn't ruin the day.

So, we watched the whole game in peace and the score was 3 - 0 for Anderlecht. My host dad and his friend were happy, and so do I.

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  1. Hi, kak :)
    aku juga ikutan program AFS ini.
    alhamdulillah atas kuasa Allah minggu ini pengumuman dari nasional udah nyampe dan aku LOLOS ^_^
    ada beberapa yang aku pengen tanyain ke kakak mengenai program ini beserta beberapa hal mengenai online app yang di haruskan diisi buat syarat seleksi internasional..
    tolong kirim pesan ke e-mailku:
    im waitin on ya :)
    anyways, inspiring bgt cerita-ceritanya kak